"We don’t compromise on quality.
When you're out of quality, you're out of business."
Gharda Chemicals Limited
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IMS Policy

Gharda Chemicals Ltd. aims to serve the needs of the Society through the design / development of suitable processes, and production of high quality products, and provide services with a commitment to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction.

We keep in mind the highest quality concepts in approving the purchase of raw materials, monitoring production and clearing finished products. Equal emphasis is given on delivery, specification, conditions of supply, packaging, labeling, handling and storage, as we realize that all these are important for the end user. We firmly believe that quality must be built into the product, and sincerely work to achieve this noble goal.

As a responsible corporate citizen, espoused to the cause of a better quality of life, GCL accords high priority to protect the environment. Besides preventing its degradation through sustainable developmental activities, we continually improve our management systems and assimilate modern trends into them. We take adequate care to protect the health and provide safe working environment to all the persons working under the control of GCL, visitors and stakeholders.

We integrate all the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEH&S) attributes based on Green Chemistry concepts and cleaner operational Methodologies in all our processes and practices, taking adequate care to control our environmental discharge. Resources and energy conservation measures are institutionalized. Our commitment to QEH&S systems forms an integral part of our business strategy. We see compliance to statutory and other requirements to which our organization subscribes as a minimum requirement and not as an end in itself. We ensure the persons working under control of GCL are committed to excellence in the QEH&S performance for which we emphasize on consultation and co-operation between management and the persons.

We ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement the quality, safety, health and environment policy and to continuously review the policy’s relevance. We sincerely believe that accidents are preventable and aim to achieve “Zero Accident Level”.

Towards this commitment management, operation staff and on-site contractors shall :

  1. Ensure total compliance of relevant QEH&S legislations and regulations including handling and disposing of Hazardous Wastes.

  2. Develop clean and safe technology to manufacture quality products by taking steps at the appropriate stages of process development, design, purchase, manufacture, maintenance and packaging.

  3. Communicate this policy to all the employees, contractors, visitors and stake holders. Upgrade the skill / knowledge of employees by providing continual education, training and insistence on the use of Personal Protective Equipments and Pollution Control measures.

  4. Conduct regular audits and mock drills to detect and eliminate practices / conditions causing adverse impact on quality safety, health and environment and to ensure emergency preparedness. Also conduct Safety committee meetings, at departmental and Central level for establishing the communication channel between top management and the employees including workers.

  5. Establish environment, health, safety and loss prevention strategies like maximum recycle, recovery & reuse of chemicals and energy conservation that optimally utilize resources and prevent pollution.

  6. Identify a senior executive, reporting directly to location head, to ensure that QEH&S programmes are implemented in letter and spirit, and highlighted prominently in all the important reports.

  7. Incorporate appropriate criteria in selection, placement and assignment of personnel, including contractors and other agencies, at appropriate Levels, empower and make them accountable to achieve QEH&S targets using given facilities with optimum efficiency.

  8. Inform statutory authorities and educate all stakeholders about the quality and potential environment, health and safety hazards of the chemicals used / products produced by us, recommend protective / preventive measures and ensure on-going consultation and communication with them.


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