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Description : TRIAZOPHOS is an organophosphorous broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. It is non-systemic, but penetrates deeply into plant tissues through translaminar action. It controls aphids, thrips, midges, beetles, caterpillars, spider mites and whiteflies in field crops, vegetables, ornamentals and fruit trees.

Chemical Name : O, O-diethyl O-(1- Phenyl -1 H -1,2,4-triazol -3 yl) phosphorothioate

CAS Registry No. : [24017-47-8]
UN No : 3018
IMDG : Class 6 (Organophosphorus Pesticide, Liquid, Toxic) IMDG 2004 Edition Vol.2, Page No. 149

Structural Formula :
TRIAZOPHOS - Structural Formula

a) Appearance : Pale yellow liquid
b) Triazophos content : 60% (w/w) minimum
c) Moisture content by Karl Fischer method : 0.3% (w/w) maximum
d) Acidity (as H2SO4) : 2.0% (w/w) maximum
e) Material insoluble in acetone : 0.2% (w/w) maximum

Formulations : Emulsifiable concentrates 40% w/w.

Compatibility : Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides.

Toxicity :
a) Mammalian toxicity : WHO classification : Class 1b “highly hazardous”. It is non-irritant to skin and eyes.
b) Environmental toxicity : It is slightly toxic to birds and fish. It is toxic to honey bees.

Shelf-life : Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packing :

Technical Grade : 225 kg UN approved HDPE drums.
Formulation : Liquid 200 Lit. in UN approved M.S. lacquered Drums /
Polylined drums.

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