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Description : METAMITRON is a selective systemic herbicide absorbed through both roots and leaves and is translocated to the chloroplast and inhibits photosynthesis. It is effective against grasses and broad-leaved weeds in sugar and fodder beet. Can be applied both as pre and post emergence.

Chemical Name : 4-amino-3 methyl-6 phenyl-1, 2, 4-triazin-5 (4H)-one

CAS Registration No. : [41394-05-2]
UN No. : 3077
IMDG Code : 9 (Environmentally Hazardous Substance, Solid, N.O.S.) IMDG 2004 Edition Vol.2, Page No. 152

Structural Formula :

Specifications :

a) Appearance : White to light yellow amorphous power.
b) Metamitron content : 98% (w/w) minimum
c) Moisture content by
Karl Fischer method : 0.5% (w/w) maximum
d) Acidity (as H2SO4) : 0.1% (w/w) maximum OR Alkalinity (as NaOH) : 0.05% (w/w) maximum

Formulations : 700 WDG and 700 SC.

Compatibility : Compatible with other beet herbicides.

Toxicity :

a) Mammalian toxicity : WHO classification : Class II "moderately hazardous".
It is non-irritant to skin and mucous membrane.
b) Environmental toxicity : It shows low toxicity to birds and fish. It is non-toxic to bees.

Shelf-life : Two years under normal storage conditions.

Technical Grade : 25 kg UN approved multiwall paper sacks with LDPE liner and 25 kg / 40 kg UN approved Fibre Board Drums with LDPE liner.

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