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This division was established in year 2003 with an objective of leveraging Gharda Chemical's core competence of R&D to develop and commercialize High Performance Pigments (HPP) of world class quality consistently. The pigments developed cover various chemical classes. Client-support and Technical Service Centers are being set-up in Europe and USA, alongwith Regional Techno-Commercial Centers in other important pigment markets.

Commercial products are PV 23, PR 254, PY 138, PY 151, PB 60.
Shortly to be commercialised are PY 139, PR 144, PR 175, PY 120
Commercial production of GAFAST PV 23 started in November 2003
Commercial production of GAFAST PR 254 started in January 2004
Samples from the production lots are available for GAFAST PV 23, GAFAST PR 254, GAFAST PY 120, GAFAST PY 151 & GAFAST PB 60.


Pigment Product Range

C.I. P.B. 15

C.I. P.B. 16

C.I. P.B. 60

C.I. P.R. 144

C.I. P.R. 175

C.I. P.R. 254

C.I. P.R. 264

C.I. P.V. 23

C.I. P.Y. 120

C.I. P.Y. 138

C.I. P.Y. 139

C.I. P.Y. 151

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