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Gharda Chemicals Limited
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Engineering &
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Analytical Services

Gharda Chemicals Ltd., is a research-based company with over 40 years of expertise in the development, scale up and manufacture of fine chemicals. In the past four decades we have developed chemical procedures for varied chemistry in the fields of dyestuffs, pesticides, veterinary drugs and polymers through innovative, cost-effective and safe processes.

Gharda has over 200 chemists and chemical engineers ready to transform your next research project into a quality product for your organization. From basic process chemistry R&D in one of our 10 fully equipped process chemistry laboratories, to a sophisticated pilot-plant scale-up and design and construction of a dedicated manufacturing unit, our team of experienced scientists stand ready to accept the most complex chemistry for custom manufacture. In addition, Gharda is committed to the highest standards of intellectual property protection both for itself and its customers, in the execution of its projects.

Whether your need is for 1 MT or 2000 MT of high quality chemicals made safely and cost-effectively, Gharda Chemicals Limited is your manufacturing partner for the new millennium. Given below is a brief overview of two of our quality and committed contract services viz., Engineering and Project Services and Advanced Analytical Services.


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